Keisuke Masuda – ghost portraits –

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増田恵助  「ghost portraits」

2018.11.23 ( Fri ) – 12.2 ( Sun )

14:00~19:00 金土日祝のみオープン






“ghost portraits”


人物画を言い表すときに “portrait”(ポートレイト)という言葉を使うことがあります。この英単語を調べてみると「肖像(画)」や「肖像(人物)写真」と出てきます。







Keisuke Masuda “ghost portraits”

2018.11.23 (Fri) -12.2 (Sun) 14: 00 ~ 19: 00
Open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays

Artist’s comment:

“Painting inside a painting”

For the exhibition “Painting in a painting” that was held on January 2017 on this very space, I explored the idea of applying to my portraits the concept of Picture on a Picture: a picture drawn into another picture; for example, in classical paintings is not unusual to find an interior space in which walls we can see hanging other paintings.

Afterwards, in an exhibition held on June at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi’s gallery, the concept of “painting in painting” was expanded through a combination of still objects, including paintings, patterns, figures, mirrors, etc. depicted inside the painting.

“Ghost portraits”

This time, and connecting with the previous exhibitions, I will be focusing on the portrait genre once again.

When talking about this genre, we may use the English word “portrait” or use the Japanese word “jinbutsuga”(人物画), that literary means “picture of a person”. When we examine the English term, it comes out as both portrait-painting and portrait-photograph.

Most of the so-to-speak portraits that I have produced are depictions of models and various icons that were meant to represent a certain generation and not to be a descriptive portrait of a specific person.

To begin with, I have the impression that the genre of portrait, as traditionally conceived, has lost its necessity since the development of the photography. Moreover, it seems that nowadays there are many artworks that treat people as mere motifs or as a mean of expression for the artist to use.

Some of the portraits presented in this exhibition are not painted by request but painted for myself. Moreover, since the paintings were conceived from a mix of photographs and patterns, the resulting image did not exist in the first place.

I am not certain if these paintings may be called portraits, but keeping this in mind, please enjoy the exhibition.

Masuda Keisuke