今日の延長  齋藤 健一・廣田 紗也花

齋藤 健一・廣田 紗也花
Kenichi Saito / Sayaka Hirota
– 今日の延長 

会期 2019年7月5(金)―7月7(日)
時間 13:00–19:00     
オープニングレセプション&イベント:7月6() 19:00 – 22:00
Artist Meetup (https://www.facebook.com/events/669867640092976/)

イベント「明日の食パン」7月7(日) 15:00-16:00 Sun(参加費:500 円 )


To extend today, that is just a little to recapture today.


– countdown - 米山 由夏 個展

米山 由夏 個展
Yuka Yoneyama Solo Exhibition
– countdown 

会期 2019年6月28(金)―7月4(木)
時間 13:00–20:00     *初日は18:00から 最終日は17:00まで
オープニングレセプション: 629() 1700–2000



米山 由夏


I will be 20 years old after this solo exhibition soon. Although I think definition of adult and child is unclear, “countdown” is started,for I will be an adult on the basis of Japanese law.I always make artworks impressed by my life.There are so many things I can look,feel and notice with only current age.What are these?What will I get, lose and keep as an adult? I have this solo exhibition to consider and record these things. I feel that my 20 years old birthday will be good turning point.On the other hand,precious time which I can be child is limited. I’m about to finish my teen with expectations.

Yuka Yoneyama


Rhythms -その向こうに-

#English is below

この度、S.Y.P Art Space では4名のグループ展 Rhythms -その向こうに- を開催します。

Rhythms -その向こうに-
※27日、17:00~オープニングパーティ ※会期中無休

「Rhythms – その向こうに」展について 
2人の現代アーティストに加えて、フォトグラファー、環境アーティストによる写真展です。 会場の空間の特徴を利用しながらも、作家の個性が響きあう展示を目指します。 みなさまのおいでをお待ちしています。

S.Y.P Art Space is pleased to announce this group exhibition. 
It will install four artists’ works.
Artists:Mina Kikuhara, Hiroshi Suzuki, Takeshi Fukuda, Shoko Miki
Duration : 27th April – 5th May  ※ Open all day
Time : 12:00~19:00 (on 27th April : open at 13:00~, opening party start 17:00~)
About “Rhythms- Beyond” Exhibition
This is a photographic exhibition by two contemporary artists, a photographer 
and an environmental artist.
We are aiming for an atmosphere which the artist’s individuality clearly resonates, while utilizing the space and characteristics of the venue.
We look forward to your visit!


The Way of Flowers – Monica Takvam

An exhibition about photography and flower arrangements, exploring nature, harmony and perception through Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging.

Date: From 30th of March to 12nd of April
Opening hours: 13:00-19:00 (closed on Monday to Wednesday. )
Opening reception: Saturday 30th of Match 18:00 20:00

The exhibition explores how we see beauty and perceive images through the use of compositional rules, and our relationship with the environment.

Through my work, I explore the language of images and how we construct and perceive beauty. It questions our relationship with nature, in a time when the majority of the population in countries such as Japan live in cities and urban areas, removed from the rural and natural environment.

I am always interested in images, language and interpretation of information. In the Way of Flowers I look at the line diagrams used to instruct and create beautiful flower arrangement and how we translate information, from diagram to image, creating connections between the composition of images and of Ikebana flower arrangements.

The exhibition The Way of Flowers shows mainly photographs, including a series of images of the photographer’s own flower arrangements, diagrams, text, and a cityscape printed in a format vaguely resembling a hanging scroll in a tokonoma.


Monica Takvam is a visual artist and photographer from Norway, mainly based in London, UK. In her practice, she is often concerned with how we see, and she uses photography, text, illustration, video and sound to explore the language of images, sight, perception and blindness.

Her work has been published and shown in national and international exhibitions. She has been shortlisted for several awards and won the Celeste Visible White Photo Prize 2016. Takvam was the 2017 Artist-in-Residence at Watts Gallery, UK, working on a project exploring perception of landscape, with a solo-exhibition at Watts Contemporary Gallery, UK in October 2017.

She has been the managing director / director of Renaissance Photography Prize for over eight years and formerly the Assistant Editor of the journal Photography & Culture, published by Routledge. She divides her time between her own work, commissions, curating and lecturing photography at University of the Arts London, London College of Communication, City of Westminster College and  University of Hertfordshire.


From the body of work ‘The Way of Flowers’, 2019 by Monica Takvam

A.N.Y Talks – add a new yarn – vol.1 Art unit OBI

A.N.Y Talks – Vol.1 「アートの会社化、アーティストの所在」
ゲスト: Art unit OBI
15:00 – 17:00


定員 12名 ※事前申し込み制

参加費 1000円  ※お飲み物、軽食付き

【トークレクチャー 15:00 – 16:00】

美術作家の鈴木泰人(すずき・やすひと)と建築家の本間智美(ほんま・ともみ)によって組織された現代美術と建築に特化したアートユニット「OBI」。昨年大賞を受賞した「六甲ミーツ・アート 芸術散歩2018」 は記憶に新しく、2017年の合同会社設立以来、各地でプロジェクトを展開する。芸術活動を会社化するということは?活動の仕組みは?会社化することで地域、企業との関わりはどのように変わるのか?興味はあるけどなかなか聞けない活動の裏側をおうかがいします。


【スタンドチャッティング(ワールドカフェ式 立ち話) 16:00 – 17:00】
ワールドカフェ(※)の要素を含んだ スタンドチャッティング(立ち話)

Juanita Brown(アニータ・ブラウン)氏とDavid Isaacs(デイビッド・アイザックス)氏によって、1995年に開発・提唱されました。「知識や知恵は、機能的な会議室の中で生まれるのではなく、人々がオープンに会話を行い、自由にネットワークを築くことのできる『カフェ』のような空間でこそ創発される」という考えに基づいた話し合いの手法です。

【A.N.Y Talks について】
「A.N.Y Talks」は、様々な分野で活躍するゲストを迎え、参加者の多様な視点を介在させながら、自由な対話と交流の場を生み出すことを目的とします。また、その場を共有する全ての人が様々につながり、将来における創造的発展のポテンシャルを高めることを目指します。
トークシリーズタイトルの「A.N.Y Talks」には、二つの意味を込めました。一つは「Any- 」。 Anytime、Anyway、Anyhow、Anywhere、Anyone、Anything‥ のように、いかなるものも決して限定された存在ではなく、無数の可能性をも秘め、われわれはそれを探求できるということ。もう一つは「Add a New Yarn」= 「新しい糸を加える」。この企画を機に、様々な可能性をつむぎ、つないでいくことを希望しております。


ABC events

We are excited to announcement a full day of ABC events for March. We will be having all the events at SYP Gallery in Akebonobashi on Sunday, March 17th.

Please sign up at the appropriate Doodle link and send your e-mail address to artbytecritique@gmail.com

After a long hiatus, we will have the Art Admin Session from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm.

For the Art Admin Session, please bring your laptop and any materials that you need to catch up on the administrative side of your studio practice. We will all be saddled in front of our computers, piles of business cards, or application files and catch up on those things that we say we are going to do, but never get around to as soon as we’d like.

Due to the need for space for laptops, etc. and the size of the space, we will like to limit the participation to 8 people. If you are interested in attending this ABC Art Admin Session, please RSVP via Doodle at the link below.


After a lunch break, the day will resume with the ABC Studio Work Discussion from 1:30 – 4:30 pm.

We will have the usual roundtable discussion of works in progress and updates, so please bring works, ideas and resources that you would like to update and share with others.

To try and make these discussions as productive as possible for each person, we will be limiting the participation to 12 people so that each person has adequate time (around 20 minutes) to share their work and thoughts without feeling rushed.

If you are interested in attending this ABC Studio Work Discussion Meeting, please RSVP via Doodle at the link below.

For the ABC Studio Work Discussion Meeting


After a short break to get some food and drinks, the final session for the day will be a Bookmaking / Bookbinding Studio from 5 – 8 pm.

With more than a dozen artists signed up to participate as part of the ABC booth for the Tokyo Art Book Fair, we thought it would be fun to have a few hours for interested artists to get together and learn new bookmaking and bookbinding techniques. There will be books and resources available to follow along as well as ABC artists who will share their expertise.

For this studio, we will limit the participation to 12 people. If you are interested in attending thisBookbinding/Bookmaking Studio, please RSVP via Doodle at the link below.


森下 絵里奈 –点線のパノラマ–

森下 絵里奈 個展
Erina Morishita Solo Exhibition

会期 201922()―210()
時間 13:00–20:00     *月曜、火曜休廊 最終日は17:00まで
オープニングレセプション: 22() 1800–2000



森下 絵里奈


Erina Morishita Solo Exhibition
– Dotted panorama –

Date: From 2nd to 10th February
Opening hours: 13:00-20:00 (closed on Monday and Tuesday. 10th February until 17:00)
Opening reception: Saturday 2nd February 18:00 20:00


On Earth, sometimes it rains. On one of those rainy days, I rode the bus back home, even though I usually don’t. On the bus window there were many raindrops and, for a moment, there all were forming a wavy pattern.
The truck running next to us was transformed into a stripped pattern by the raindrops, so if there were many more of them they may project a hole landscape.
I kept on thinking on these things until I run out of stops.
How different would it appear the face of a bird from the inside of a falling raindrop in the middle of the sky? Would it be possible to mix it with the stripped projection of a truck from the other day?
I ended tangled up with those thoughts.


Erina Morishita
Born in Tokyo in 1987
Doctoral degree at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

高木沙織 Saori Takagi 「めいめいきれいにひかってゆれる」

-Please scroll down for English texts-

S.Y.P Art Space では高木沙織の個展 めいめいきれいにひかってゆれる‒を開催します。

会期 2018128日(土)−1216日(日)
時間 13:0020:00  *月曜、火曜、水曜は休廊 最終日は17:00まで
オープニングパーティー : 128日(土)17:00 – 20:00


展示のタイトルであるめいめいきれいにひかってゆれるというのは、宮沢賢治の「ソックスレット」という詩の一節です。 詩の中で光っているのはフラスコの中の溶液ですが、作品と、自分と自分以外の他者がそれぞれに光って揺れるようなイメージを込めて、展示を構成します。                          



Saori Takagi Solo Exhibition « Mei-mei kirei ni hikatte yureru »

2018.12.8 Sat. – 12.16 Sun.   Close at Mon,Tue,Wed.
Opening Party : 12.8 Sat  17:00 – 20:00

During my training at the art university, I learned the technique of woodcut print that I found fascinating because of the fact that one paper could contain as many different prints as you want. This idea of  woodcut reliefs being transformed and leveled off into a flat surface as paper led me to come up with the concept of « different things on the same dimension ».

After graduating from the university, I focused on developing this concept through collages and installations. However, for this exhibition, I decided to use the oil painting technique, that I haven’t used since university, in order to think further of this concept.

The title of this show « Mei-mei kirei ni hikatte yureru » refers to a passage of a poem called « Soxhlet » by the Japanese writer Kenji Miyazawa. It describes the image of a liquid inside a flask where its particles shine and vibrate independently but giving the impression of an unity. This image is what I try to accomplish with this exhibition.


Keisuke Masuda – ghost portraits –

#English is below

増田恵助  「ghost portraits」

2018.11.23 ( Fri ) – 12.2 ( Sun )

14:00~19:00 金土日祝のみオープン






“ghost portraits”


人物画を言い表すときに “portrait”(ポートレイト)という言葉を使うことがあります。この英単語を調べてみると「肖像(画)」や「肖像(人物)写真」と出てきます。







Keisuke Masuda “ghost portraits”

2018.11.23 (Fri) -12.2 (Sun) 14: 00 ~ 19: 00
Open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays

Artist’s comment:

“Painting inside a painting”

For the exhibition “Painting in a painting” that was held on January 2017 on this very space, I explored the idea of applying to my portraits the concept of Picture on a Picture: a picture drawn into another picture; for example, in classical paintings is not unusual to find an interior space in which walls we can see hanging other paintings.

Afterwards, in an exhibition held on June at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi’s gallery, the concept of “painting in painting” was expanded through a combination of still objects, including paintings, patterns, figures, mirrors, etc. depicted inside the painting.

“Ghost portraits”

This time, and connecting with the previous exhibitions, I will be focusing on the portrait genre once again.

When talking about this genre, we may use the English word “portrait” or use the Japanese word “jinbutsuga”(人物画), that literary means “picture of a person”. When we examine the English term, it comes out as both portrait-painting and portrait-photograph.

Most of the so-to-speak portraits that I have produced are depictions of models and various icons that were meant to represent a certain generation and not to be a descriptive portrait of a specific person.

To begin with, I have the impression that the genre of portrait, as traditionally conceived, has lost its necessity since the development of the photography. Moreover, it seems that nowadays there are many artworks that treat people as mere motifs or as a mean of expression for the artist to use.

Some of the portraits presented in this exhibition are not painted by request but painted for myself. Moreover, since the paintings were conceived from a mix of photographs and patterns, the resulting image did not exist in the first place.

I am not certain if these paintings may be called portraits, but keeping this in mind, please enjoy the exhibition.

Masuda Keisuke

Eiko Hattori Solo Exhibition -Light and Shadow-

服部 詠子 個展

Eiko Hattori  Solo Exhibition

-Light and Shadow-

会期: 2018年10月5日(金)~ 8日(月・祝)

時間: 13:00~19:00 初日は17:00から、最終日は17:00まで

展覧会場: S.Y.P Art Space

・オープニングレセプション 10月5日(金)17:00~21:00

アーティストHP: https://www.eikohattori.com

作品制作のテーマ/About concept of artistic creation



My all time concept is the expression of the geometric object which consists from repetition of the simple pattern.  Art is “beauty,” the beauty is “geometry” and the geometry is “universe”.  Then, the art is beauty, geometry and the universe for me.  My creative inspiration always comes from those three concepts.

I create art works to find answers to my question why people feel the beauty through the geometric art.

-Light and Shadow- 展示作品について/About Exhibition work





Himmeli, a traditional Finnish art craft for mainly decorating in Christmas season is to create polyhedral object by straw of rice.  It is said that people were poor in Finland at a time in the past, they utilized the straw in substitution for gold.  However they couldn’t get the gold, they realized the straw could shine into the dark as like gold.

I investigated Himmeli in Finland where I participated in Artist Residency Program this June, and I show an installation art that I inspired from Himmeli in my solo exhibition.

A big regular icosahedron is exhibited under the theme of “Light and Shadow”.  I hope you enjoy the space of geometric.

作家 略歴/Artist CV

2013年3月 京都造形芸術大学通信教育学部芸術学部美術科染織コース 卒業

2017年6月 Metàfora International Workshop (スペイン、バルセロナ) 修了

2013年5月 第35回日本新工芸展入選 (国立新美術館/東京)

2013年9月 千代田芸術祭アンデパンダン展 (アーツ千代田3331/東京)

2016年8月 第4回JADIF公募作品選抜展入選 (世田谷美術館/東京)

2016年11月 Complete nothingness [グループ展](Untitled BCN/バルセロナ)

2017年3月 Art Lover Ground [アートイベント] (MUTUO/バルセロナ)

2017年9月 Nonesuch Art Of Paper Awards入選(カナダ)

2017年10月 7th International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art入選(ウルグアイ)

2018年5月 International Biennial Textile Art Exhibition入選(ウクライナ)

2018年6月 Kristinestad artists’ residence [レジデンス](フィンランド)