Katharina Gruzei / Eginhartz Kanter Video Screening

We will have a video screening of Katharina Gruzei and Eginhartz Kanter from Austria.
9th of February (Sun) 18:30 – 22:00
Please bring your drinks and snacks.
from 19:00, we will have art discussion event ‘Artist Meetup! #11’
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Katharina Gruzei (*1983 in Klagenfurt) lives and works in Linz and Vienna, Austria.
She studied Fine Art at the Class for Experimental Art as well as Cultural Studies at the University of Arts and industrial Design Linz, Austria. She went abroad to study at the Berlin University of the Arts in the class „Visual Cultural Studies“ of Katharina Sieverding and at the Art Department of the University of California in Santa Barbara.

Katharina Gruzei is an independent artist working in various medias ranging from photography, video, film and sound to installation and art in public space. Her works have been shown at international exhibitions, biennals and festivals. She had several solo shows in Austrian Institutions such as the Lentos Museum for contemporary Art Linz (2018) or the Salzburger Kunstverein (2020). In 2016, she participated in the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, in 2018 she presented her works at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. She is the recipient of numerous prizes and scholarships, such as the Theodor Körner Award, the Ö1 Talents Stipend and the “Award for Best Experimental Short” at the Nashville Film Festival, USA. She received international scholarships for Los Angeles, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo. In 2019 she was artist in residence at the ISCP in New York.


Eginhartz Kanter studied Fine Arts, Cultural Studies and Photography at the University of Arts and Design Linz, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. He works with video, photography and installation, mainly in the context of public space. In his artistic approach he questions the boundaries and conventions of everyday life and living environments. His (sub)urban interventions negotiate aspects of the public and often have a direct relation to architecture. He showed his artworks in Gallery 5020 in Salzburg, Peresvetov Pereulok Gallery in Moscow, S.Y.P. Artspace in Tokyo and at the 18th Media Art Biennial Wroclaw.

Eginhartz Kanter is a visual artist who works with installation, sculpture, film, video, photography and text. He mainly works in the context of public space. His (sub)urban interventions negotiate aspects of the public and are mostly related to architecture.

On long forays through the urban space and the periphery, he traces situations and places to which he refers in his subtle to slightly humorous works. The starting points for the projects are local architectural conditions or the historical context in which the locations are embedded.

Due to the ephemerality of his interventions, the media he uses to document his works play an important role as an intermediary. The boundary between the work and the documentation is blurred completely, making most of his works hybrids. They exist outside for a short time or only for a moment, and are also represented by means of video and photo documentation and can often be experienced through installation.

The light-footed interventions and projects are usually based on extensive research and preparatory work with a large number of failed attempts. External influences such as wind and weather can cause failure as well as be included in the artistic process. It is crucial for the mode of operation of many of his works that they are initially received by a random, unprepared audience. The artist exposes these works suddenly and without any further information in public space. Another goal of Eginhartz Kanters is to explore the limits of public space and to question valid conventions.

Also they have a group exhibition and lecture, talk event.

Yotsuya Unconfirmed Studio, Tokyo, Japan



Opening reception
Fr. 7. February 2020, 6pm


Alison Nguyen (U.S.A.)
Eginhartz Kanter (Austria/Germany)
Furen Dai (China/USA)
Haruko Sasakawa (Japan)
Katharina Gruzei (Austria)
Mikhail Basov / Natalia Basova (Russia)
Minha Lee (Korea)
Mkrtich Tonoyan (Armenia)
Pied la Biche (France/Spain/Sweden)
Roya Eshraghi (Iran/Costa Rica)
Wang Ding-Yeh (Taiwan)


2020年東京。オリンピックを迎え、私たちは新たな時代の幕開けを予感しています。大きな波が押し寄せ るのを見すえ、かすかな思い出(Recollection)が、かき消されぬよう集めて(Collection)おこう。この呼び かけに応えた世界の現代アート作家による映像作品が集う画期的なイベントとなります。
アメリカ、アルメニア、イラン、オーストリア、韓国、台湾、中国、ドイツ、日本、フランス-スペイン-ス ウェーデン(ユニット)、ロシアなどから、国際的に活躍する若手作家の作品があつまります。
1960年代後半に日本製ポータブルビデオカメラが誕生。個人のアイデンティティを表現するツールとなり、 約50年が経過した今、あらためて東京で上映されるべき作品をセレクトしました。過去の出来事の光と影が、 おのずと出身国のみならず他国との関係をも浮かびあがらせます。
会場となる四谷未確認スタジオは、かつて「蓬莱湯」と呼ばれた古い銭湯の構造を生かした新しいオルタ ナティブアートスペースとして、2018年6月に新宿にオープン。上映スペースのとなりのサロンでは、作品解 説カタログを見ながらゆったりとくつろぐことができ、来場者との対話が可能です。

Tokyo is standing at the milestone of a new era with the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Anticipating the great waves of time washing over Japan, we call for artists to join our project to collect small recollections to prevent them from being swept away by the great current of change. This show will be a landmark event featuring video works by responding international contemporary artists from all over the world, including the USA, Armenia, Iran, Austria, Korea, Taiwan, China, Germany, Japan, France-Spain-Sweden and Russia.
About 50 years have passed since the birth of Japanese portable video camera in the late 1960s, during which the product has became a tool to represent/express personal identity, and we take this occasion as an opportunity to select works that should be showcased in Tokyo, to look back at past events and their light and dark sides to reveal relationships among the countries.
Inviting both domestic and international artists, regardless of nationalities, genders and ages, we will “collect” past events, including themes and topics based on the history of a specific place or personal experience of each artist. The project will consist of video works by the artists who explore various stories/incidents ranging from individual to large scale and conduct researches, facing the past through their artworks. This exhibition is expected to be a great opportunity to collect “recollections=memories” and explore the history of people of different values beyond geographical differences. It also aims to create a collected record for future generations in order to build a cross-border network of archives.

The exhibition will be held at a new alternative art space, which opened in 2018. Yotsuya Unconfirmed Studio used to be an old-style sento (a public bathhouse called Horai-yu) in Shinjuku. Its spacious salon next to the exhibition space allows visitors to enjoy related materials and catalogues, as well as interactions with others.



Artist Talk | Lecture
 Katharina Gruzei and Eginhartz Kanter


Yotsuya Unconfirmed Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Tue | Di 11. February 2020, 4 pm

「公共の歴史・個人の記憶 / Public History – Private Memory」
【日時】2月11日(火曜・祝日)16:00 ~ 17:30  ※入場無料

12人の国内外作家の映像作品上映イベント「Collection of Recollection」に参加しているオーストリアのアーティスト、Katharina Gruzei氏とEginhartz Kanter氏によるアーティストトークを開催します。公共の歴史に深く関わる個人の記憶を、作品の中でどのように扱っているのか、その制作背景などを語っていただきます。

Katharina Gruzeiの作品「workers leaving the factory (again)」は、オーストリアのタバコ工場の閉鎖などに見られる、中央ヨーロッパにおける産業の消滅について取り扱った実験映像です。労働の社会政的観点と、映像の歴史という視点から、廃墟空間の在り方に関する問いを結びつけています。
Eginhartz Kanterは、作品「beyond memories」の中で、GDR(ドイツ民主共和国)の歴史をたどっています。この時代の体験に関する個人的かつ様々な記憶を探り、「記憶の偽造」という現象にアプローチしています。


In their lectures the artists Katharina Gruzei and Eginhartz Kanter will give an introduction to their work and artistic approaches. They will provide background information about their films exhibited and speak about their methods of taking up private memories that are closely connected to public history.
Katharina Gruzei’s award winning experimentalfilm „workers leaving the factory (again)“ deals with the fading of industry in central europe, exemplified by a closed tobacco factory in Austria. She connects questions regarding the abandoned spaces with socio-political aspects of work and film history. In his work „beyond memories“ Eginhartz Kanter traces the late history of the GDR. He deals with the various individual ways of experiencing this time and questions the phenomena of memory falsification.
Subsequently the curators Kumiko Kato und Haruko Sasakawa are in conversation with the artists to contextualise the individual work within the curatorial concept.
The talk will be held in english language and translated into Japanese.

Yotsuya Unconfirmed Studio
4-13-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku Ku
Tokyo To, 160-0004, Japan
open hours: 11-19h|7pm