Martina Kändler “topology” Video Installation

Martina Kändler   “topology” (位相幾何学)

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Martina Kändlerは、さまざまなメディアの空間の外観を作り変える方法として光を調べています。彼女は、厳格な構成と感情的な影響、厳格な概念的思考と実験的なアプローチとのコントラストの中で、重要性と重要でない哀愁のある作品との対比の中で彼女の仕事を進化させます。
Martina Kändlerは、現実を表現する手段として写真の媒体に疑問を呈し、人工幻想空間を作り出す可能性を調査しています。

5.11(Fri) 17:00 – 21:00 オープニングレセプション
5.12(Sat), 13(Sun) 13:00 – 20:00

Martina Kändlerは、さまざまなメディアの空間の外観を作り変える方法として光を調べています。彼女は、厳格な構成と感情的な影響、厳格な概念的思考と実験的なアプローチとのコントラストの中で、重要性と重要でない哀愁のある作品との対比の中で彼女の仕事を進化させます。 


“Meisterschülerin”、Eva von Platen教授


Martina Kändler “topology”
video installation and photography

Martina Kändler uses the means of projection to alter the experience of space. The architecture of the gallery is virtually extended, the view into an intangible and perpetually changing illusionistic volume opens up. The conventional perception of built structures is inverted. In the installation the spectator remains immobile whereas the virtual walls and voids produced by the projection undergo a constant transformation.
The installation is complemented by a series of photographs reflecting the theme of transition between different architectural volumes.
Martina Kändler questions the medium of photography as a means to display reality and investigates the possibilities of producing artificial illusionistic spaces.

5.11(Fri) 17:00 – 21:00 Opening Reception
5.12(Sat), 13(Sun) 13:00 – 20:00


Martina Kändler examines light as a means of creating and changing the appearance of space in different media. She evolves her work within the contrast between strict compositions and an emotional impact, stringent conceptual thinking and an experimental approach, working with materiality and the immaterial ephemeric.

In various media she investigates these aspects in different scales. Architectural volumes are given a new rhythm through walls of laser light. Kinetic light objects produce little universes in small boxes with peek holes, exploring and playing with light, color, motion and sound. Experiments with photographically captured situations produced in little paper models lead to various impressions of seemingly walkable space and volume. Observations of natural light in the sky and forms of temporary housing in nature are the subject of documentary series of photography.


diploma of arts, Academy of fine arts Nuremberg
„Meisterschülerin“, Prof. Eva von Platen
master of arts in art education, art history, and psychology, University of Augsburg
lives and works in Munich and Tokyo