「 backstage 」 Javier Casas Moro, Kris Cerneka


DATE:2016.4.1 – 10  13:00 – 20:00  ( Open at Fri, Sat, sun )

Opening Party : 4.3 (Sun) 18:00 – 21:00


① 「Greenhouse」 : 2015年10月に渋谷区庁舎解体の際に行われた世界各国からのアーティストが参加した「 渋谷のたまご 」にて展示されたスペインのアーティスト、ハビエル・カサスの作品のビデオ録画。オリジナルの展示場所とアートワークは、もはや存在しません。

② S.Y.P. Art Space : 寸法の異なる二つの四角い部屋。 その二つを接続するために、単一の対角パネルの画面が部屋から部屋へ繋がり設置されています

それらの投影されたビデオ作品は「Greenhouse」のデッドスペースとアートスペースを対比させながら S.Y.P.の既存のスペースを繋ぎます。

To overlap two spaces

① ‘Greenhouse’: a video recording of Javier Casas’ previous exhibition at ShibuyaEggs. The original exhibition’s location and the artwork no longer exist. *Various video formats and lengths

② S.Y.P. Art Space: Two cubic rooms of different dimensions. In order to connect the two, a single diagonal panel screen will be installed from room to room. *Semi-transparent panels 1.7m high

Several projected videos will bridge the existing space of S.Y.P. Art Space with the dead space of ‘Greenhouse’.

Javier Casas Moro   http://cargocollective.com/casasmoro

Javier Casas Moro is a Spanish artist based in Tokyo. Though he was originally trained at the university as an architect, from the very beginning he was attracted by the importance of drawing on the architectural process. Focusing on that, he has searched new ways of drawing. Now, as an artist, he develops a drawing concerned about the de-objectified perception of the model’s spatiality where dynamic points of view and a fast and energetic drawing method are codified within two-dimensional descriptive geometry’s standards.

1986 Valladolid, Spain
2004 School of Architecture in Valladolid
2004 Fine arts in private school
2008 Erasmus exchange program in Rome
2012 Diploma in Architecture
2012 Moving in to Paris
2014 Moving in to Tokyo

2006 Nudarte
Valladolid, Spain
2007 Loft
Valladolid, Spain
2013 Nueva Inocencia
Valladolid, Spain
2015 Wonder Seeds
TWS Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2015 Shibuya Eggs
Shibuya Ward Office, Tokyo, Japan

2009 Da l’immagine a l’immaginazione
Rome, Italy
2014 Positions et Axonométries
Paris, France
2015 Relocation
Hagiso, Tokyo, Japan