– Vanishing Point – Inkeri Harri


この度、S.Y.P Art spaceではフィンランドのアーティスト Inkeri Harri 個展 – Vanishing Point – を開催いたします。




2016. 12. 18 (Sun) – 20 (Tue)  13:00 ~ 20:00  Only 3days

Opening Party : 12. 18 (Sun) 17:00 ~ 20:00

Vanishing Point presents installations investigating the realm of the domestic and its relationship to escapism.

The works explore how consumerism affects our unconscious mind by compelling us to fantasize an empty home, an empty self, that needs to be filled according to suggested standards and needs.  

How does mass seduction influence our identity, our inner world, our dreams, our relation to the “other”?

Inkeri Harri

Inkeri Harri is an artist working with audiovisual installations, sculpture, video performance and other media. Her creations deal with the impact of consensual validation on memory and identity, self-alienation and the search of meaning in one’s life.

She studied at The Villa Arson Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art in Nice France and at the HEAD University of Art and Design in Geneva Switzerland. 

Her works have been exhibited among other places, the New Gallery in Calgary, The Moscow Modern Art Museum, The Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington DC, the Helsinki Kunsthall, the CIAP center in Hasselt Belgium, the foundation Casa Tres Patios in Medellìn Columbia.