Artists James Jack, Yoshitaka Nanjo, Shotaro Yoshino form bacilli as care takers who nurture active spaces for living with dirt, people, food, microbe sand spirits. Commencing in 2014 as “World Dirt Association,” the artist collective has evolved into the form of “bacilli” (Bacillus genus of bacteria) growing exponentially from 2022. Exhibitions include Water and Land Festival Niigata 2015, SYP Art Space 2016 in Tokyo, Art x Mix Ichihara 2017 in Chiba, Yame Remix 2017 in Fukuoka and Oku Noto Triennale 2021 in Ishikawa. Their dedication to artistic infusions of taste, touch, scent and more grows together with local collaborators in diverse places based on a shared love for land. As their evolutionary path expands, symbiosis is diversified through interesting mutants discovered in the collaborative creative process.