ABC events

We are excited to announcement a full day of ABC events for March. We will be having all the events at SYP Gallery in Akebonobashi on Sunday, March 17th.

Please sign up at the appropriate Doodle link and send your e-mail address to

After a long hiatus, we will have the Art Admin Session from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm.

For the Art Admin Session, please bring your laptop and any materials that you need to catch up on the administrative side of your studio practice. We will all be saddled in front of our computers, piles of business cards, or application files and catch up on those things that we say we are going to do, but never get around to as soon as we’d like.

Due to the need for space for laptops, etc. and the size of the space, we will like to limit the participation to 8 people. If you are interested in attending this ABC Art Admin Session, please RSVP via Doodle at the link below.

After a lunch break, the day will resume with the ABC Studio Work Discussion from 1:30 – 4:30 pm.

We will have the usual roundtable discussion of works in progress and updates, so please bring works, ideas and resources that you would like to update and share with others.

To try and make these discussions as productive as possible for each person, we will be limiting the participation to 12 people so that each person has adequate time (around 20 minutes) to share their work and thoughts without feeling rushed.

If you are interested in attending this ABC Studio Work Discussion Meeting, please RSVP via Doodle at the link below.

For the ABC Studio Work Discussion Meeting

After a short break to get some food and drinks, the final session for the day will be a Bookmaking / Bookbinding Studio from 5 – 8 pm.

With more than a dozen artists signed up to participate as part of the ABC booth for the Tokyo Art Book Fair, we thought it would be fun to have a few hours for interested artists to get together and learn new bookmaking and bookbinding techniques. There will be books and resources available to follow along as well as ABC artists who will share their expertise.

For this studio, we will limit the participation to 12 people. If you are interested in attending thisBookbinding/Bookmaking Studio, please RSVP via Doodle at the link below.