Mireya Samper Video Screening ‘ floating infinity ‘


We will have a video screening of Mireya Samper ‘ floating infinity ‘
X 10.12(Sat) 17:00-18:00
O 10.16(Wed) 19:00 – 22:00
from 19:30, we will have art discussion event ‘Artist Meetup’

Mireya Samper from Iceland graduated with DNSEP (Diplome National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique) from Ecole d’Art de Luminy  Marseille, France 1993 after she studied at the Icelandic College of Art and Crafts. She has held solo shows and participated in group exhibitions across the world. Her work supersedes the identity as sculptor or painter working parallel in two and three dimensions for museums or in-situ. As a creator of installations she has participated in many projects of Artist-in-residence where she creates site-specific works using local and regional produced materials in each country. In Japan she made artworks linked to environmental issues using its nature. Furthermore her drawings and paintings represent Japanese ink, and pigments on Japanese paper.

With ease she creates poetical minimal works that are either ephemeral or carved in stone. Pulling together prima matera into concepts of time and space her oeuvres create connections between the natural elements of water, light, wind, stone and consciousness.
My works are poetic images of the circle of life, and internal and external cosmologies where water and light, metaphors for infinity and repetition, coalesce. I use water as a metaphor in its ephemeral forms as a drop in suspension or floating, shaped and made in stone or other materials.The drop symbolises both water and light with the duality of circularity: the source of water and its pluvial, as well as time and eternity.
Light, its reflections and allusions are symbols of our inner self and of the higher values of peace, eternity and universality.
Eternity unfolds the universe. My work encourages people to reflect and connect with their inner selves, to the “external worlds” and to the cosmos.
Emptiness is Fullness – floating infinity – Video Installation by Mireya Samper 
2017, 90m2, bronze, aluminium, video and music by Tomoo Nagai.  
“Emptiness is Fullness”, an expression inspired by the philosopher Francois Cheng.
Emptiness is Fullness is a type of a double video installation in a 90m2 room made in Japan in 2017. It is a video which is a 24 hour time-lapse composed in a natural space in Lithuania of a site specific installation which has been trimmed down to 8 minutes — referring to infinity. The piece is then projected on a wall which is 4×6 meters. Between that wall and the projector is another installation made of bronze and aluminium as well as specially composed music piece by the musician Tomoo Nagai which infuses the room.Therefore the objects of the installation and their shadows along with the music play a role when the whole installation is then re-filmed creating the outcome of this 8.12 minute video. U-Forum Museum Tokyo 2017