MARTINA KÄNDLER – Pop up installation –

Pop up installation | S.Y.P. art space | 11/7/2019 19.00-22.00


2012-2019 stop motion installation
In various places in the world Martina Kändler observed the color of the sky during the time of dusk: Munich Germany, Kristinestad Finland, Melbourne Australia, Hong Kong, New York USA and Tokyo Japan. Over the past seven years she took photographs in the different areas for several months from the beginning of the twilight to the nightfall, at an interval of one minute. The data and location were documented. This investigation will be continued and extended in other countries and landscapes with different climatic conditions. Following her observation, she developed the installation “out of the blue”. The images are projected in a large scale so that the different shades of blue, from sunlight to darkness can be experienced again and again within just a few seconds and the spectators can immerse themselves in the color of the sky.


2014 videoloop
This video shows lights in different colors, changing in speed and size. Through these two parameters we are able to identify their location in space, even though the spacial surrounding is in the dark.
For this video Martina Kändler let dogs with blinking collars and brightly lit toys frolic around in a meadow at night. The colorful traces in the dark make the movements of the dogs and the game visible, the size and speed of the objects locate them in space.

Social processes, growth and decay, projection and delusion, volumes and limitations, illusion and real space, subjective perception and alleged objectivity are the starting points of Martina Kändlers artistic exploration. In the contrast between an experimental process and conceptual thinking, strict compositional structure and emotional impact, manual work with the material and manifestations of the ephemeral arise idea, project and realization.

Architectural volumes are given new rhythms by translucent walls of laser light. Kinetic light objects create diverse worlds in small boxes, which can be experienced through light, sound and movement. Observations of moving lights, which can be localized by size and direction in space, are abstracted in video works. Experiments with paper and, in the latest work, metallic surfaces in the architectural model lead to new photographic series under the changing influence of light, while gold leaf aims at a transformation of the object. Long-term photographic documentations focus on different aspects of atmospheric color change, space, nesting and transparency.

2016 Diploma of fine arts, Academy of Arts Nuremberg
2015 Meisterschülerin
2003 Master of Arts in art history and art education, University of Augsburg 1970* Germany