– countdown - 米山 由夏 個展

米山 由夏 個展
Yuka Yoneyama Solo Exhibition
– countdown 

会期 2019年6月28(金)―7月4(木)
時間 13:00–20:00     *初日は18:00から 最終日は17:00まで
オープニングレセプション: 629() 1700–2000



米山 由夏


I will be 20 years old after this solo exhibition soon. Although I think definition of adult and child is unclear, “countdown” is started,for I will be an adult on the basis of Japanese law.I always make artworks impressed by my life.There are so many things I can look,feel and notice with only current age.What are these?What will I get, lose and keep as an adult? I have this solo exhibition to consider and record these things. I feel that my 20 years old birthday will be good turning point.On the other hand,precious time which I can be child is limited. I’m about to finish my teen with expectations.

Yuka Yoneyama